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Robert McVey
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05/12/2017 3:48 pm  

A new message forum called Alfa - SeeYa Motorhome has been created. 


We are looking for a message forum moderator. If you have an interest and would like to help  this website grow, please let us know. We are also creating a download section "Alfa - SeeYa Motorhome" that will contain schematics, DIY projects, Pictures, etc.  

Although Alfa Leisure and RVCG battled it out a few times, and the industry was  suprised to see it close down in April of 2008.

Owned by Johnnie Crean, son of Fleetwood's founder John Crean, the 35-year-old company sold a controlling interest to a Los Angeles investment firm in 2005. Because Alfa kept going after three years of new ownership, the shutdown was unexpected -- especially since Johnnie Crean was still involved in its operation.

Crean claimed that they had the same problem with sidewalls from Crane Composites as did National RV; and, combined with the economic turndown, continuing production became an "insurmountable" issue.

Conclusion: You figure it out. They closed the doors.. 

Robert McVey


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