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Q/A - How do I find the “Associated Documents” to do more research??  


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Sometimes people are keyboard shy and don't like to ask question. However we are a firm believer that if you had the question others may have the same question. So I'm posting this in our Hey RV Guys Questions & Answers message forum so others can see the question and are able to see the answer. 


We had a member ask a question, "how to find the camper & RV "associated documents" to do more research?


We are guessing that they are referring to the toolbar across the top and specifically (Recalls & Safety Info) section. Towards the bottom it has the manufactures logo’s and you are clicking on the Keystone RV Company. This is just a jump start to pull up a listing of the recalls we have entered so far (we want to get this caught up and stay up to date) on the website. Which should then provide a listing of 9 (maybe it needs to be increased but trying to avoid members having to do a lot of scrolling). Example listing below:



You have a 2010 Keystone Montana-Big Sky and since it is a new recall it is displayed towards the top of the list as you can see below.

Keystone RV Company
12/27/2012 | Keystone RV Company | – 2013 KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE RECALL – #12V599000
12/27/2012 | Keystone RV Company | – 2012 KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE RECALL – #12V599000
12/08/2011 | Keystone RV Company | – 2011 Keystone Montana-Big Sky RECALL – #11V577000
12/08/2011 | Keystone RV Company | – 2010 Keystone Montana-Big Sky RECALL – #11V577000
12/08/2011 | Keystone RV Company | – 2009 Keystone Montana-Big Sky RECALL – #11V577000
12/03/2010 | Keystone RV Company | – 2011 KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE RECALL – #10V597000
12/02/2010 | Keystone RV Company | – 2011 Keystone Montana-Big Sky RECALL – #10V594000
12/02/2010 | Keystone RV Company | – 2010 Keystone Montana-Big Sky RECALL – #10V594000
View all 84 articles


If you would prefer to only look at your specific mode then you can enter the 2010 Montana-BigSky (as we continue with this example) in the Enter Keyword field and then click on the SEARCH button. This will bring up all of the knowledge base articles specifically for the 2010 Keystone Montana-Big Sky and click on the Search button with your primary mouse.



You can click on the View all x articles hyperlink at the bottom of the list and this will allow you to scroll through all Keyston RV’s.


  • The latest Recalls will be listed at the top.

Once you find the article click on the header of the message and it will pull up information about that specific recall. Inside the article typically has additional hyperlinks to verify the recall. Then we would suggest that you contact the dealer you purchased your unit from or another Camper / RV Service center.

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