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RV Life: Lift your rear with air bag suspension mods  


Robert McVey
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05/29/2017 5:51 pm  
RV Life: Lift your rear with air bag suspension mods

SOUTHLAKE, Tex. — Does your rear end sag? If so, you might need a lift. An air bag suspension lift that is. Air bag suspension for RV trailers and fifth-wheels give you a smoother, safer ride and a better looking rear end on your tow truck.

Towable RVs are bigger and roomier than ever. You can take just about anything you need on the road and all your toys, but you’ll pay the price. Hitching an extremely heavy load to your tow truck changes the driving experience. The expensive, dangerous results include:

  • A misaligned front end
  • Excessive, uneven tire wear
  • Reduced steering and breaking control

Read the full story by RV Life.


Robert McVey


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