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Alberta: Town council lets RV Park stay open this winter  


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11/02/2017 2:36 pm  

Whitecourt Town Council voted 6-1 to let Sagitawah RV Park remain open this winter despite safety concerns during a regular council meeting on Oct. 23.

This exemption would allow people working on pipeline projects and a major shutdown at the Whitecourt Biomass Plant to have temporary accommodations. Council initially considered the request on Sept. 25 but deferred the decision until after Town administration looked into it.

“I struggled with this one and I struggled with it last meeting,” said Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak.

The campground is only allowed to operate from May 15 to Oct. 15 under its existing permit with exemptions traditionally being denied due to the flood hazard, the seasonal access road and other factors. Chichak said an exemption was only granted twice before because of a lack of other accommodations for out-of-towners.

“We were full. Our hotels were at 100 per cent capacity, our apartments were at 100 per cent capacity and there was no vacancy,” she said. “We do have hotels that are empty.”

Dwayne Gibson, who owns Sagitawah RV Park with his wife Carmyn, replied that most of the workers coming to Whitecourt won’t be staying long enough to justify leasing an apartment and that hotels were more expensive than campgrounds.

“Do we not have a right to offer our services?” he said.


Read the full story from Whitecourt Star.


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