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Halloween at camp a frightening sight  


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11/03/2017 6:48 pm  

Halloween is for the kids. So is Christmas. And if you believe that, you probably fall for every April Fool’s trick in the book.

I’m convinced that nobody has more fun with holidays than the adults, and some of them like to double-up on annual celebrations. These people are often seasonal campground residents who develop special friendships in those compact summertime communities.

For nearly 40 years, my wife, Judy, and I enjoyed summers at the Hemlocks Campground on Tripp Lake in Poland. Her father, Cleba Spofford, was its owner. A lot of our campground neighbors lived in the Lewiston-Auburn area and they played a big part in the wonderful times we remember.

Spook walks in August and Christmas in July are traditions at campgrounds far and wide. At the Hemlocks, we all invested many hours in preparation for these events. Our children, and dozens more at the campground, will recall Santa’s arrival by boat, dazzling Christmas lights for a couple of special evenings … and the blood-curdling shrieks that came from the secret pathway in the woods on a particularly bewitching night.

Read the full story from Sun Journal.


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