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11/01/2017 8:57 pm  

Sports Illustrated NFL Writer Peter King Talks RVs in Louisville

Appearing at RVIA’s Outlook 2014 breakfast that serves as a kickoff to the National RV Trade Show, Sports Illustrated Senior Writer and NFL guru Peter King described some of his RVing experiences through the years.

King told the audience of more than 1,000 that he’s wanted to do more RVing since a trip he took on John Madden’s famous “cruiser” back in 1990.

“John [Madden] always hated flying,” King said from the stage. “He felt like he was missing something by just flying from destination to destination. He’d stop at small towns, meet people, and enjoy some of the great stuff that goes on across the country.”

According to King, a bad flying experience a couple years ago – one that prevented him from getting from one NFL training camp to another in time to write his story – got him thinking about using an RV for his annual visits to NFL training camps.

Read the full story here RVIA Press Releases.


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