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FMCA: Verizon Pulled the Rug Out From Under Us  


Robert McVey
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06/27/2017 6:05 pm  


The following announcement is from the Cincinnati-based Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) about a deal it reached with Verizon Wireless that it claims Verizon subsequently broke. To read the full statement from FMCA, click here.

The July issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine includes an announcement regarding a wireless internet plan that FMCA had intended to make available to all members. Unfortunately, Verizon officials have informed FMCA that this plan cannot be made available to members after all.

FMCA did its due diligence in working with Verizon regarding details for this offering, with several months of communication, including approval from Verizon officials of the July 2017 article and ad. We had every reason to believe that Verizon understood what FMCA’s plans were in launching this program. And we were excited to be able to pass along savings to members for a data plan that would help to keep them connected in their travels.

As is common practice in business, the program launched via email to a small test group of FMCA members so that we could make sure the sign-up form was working correctly and staff felt comfortable with the enrollment process. When this “soft launch” occurred, shortly before the planned launch to all members on June 26, news of the program was picked up by several online sources, including some outside the RV industry. We quickly learned that mobile data is a hot topic well beyond RV circles! Shortly thereafter, FMCA was contacted by Verizon officials and informed that the plan could not be offered to FMCA members as intended.

The only alternative plan suggested by Verizon to date is not advantageous as a member benefit. So, with regret, FMCA has been forced to rescind the offer of a Verizon wireless internet plan benefit for members. Verizon has indicated that they will not be honoring any of the orders that were entered during the test launch.

We are disappointed that this didn’t work out as planned, and we know many of you are as well. Please know that FMCA’s goal all along was to do what we strive to do on an everyday basis — to offer valuable benefits to our members and to help make their travels pleasant and worry-free. Rest assured that we aren’t giving up on that mission. We’ll continue to look for great benefits that will add value to your membership.

Robert McVey


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