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Escapes partners with ITG to boost healthcare options for RVer's  


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08/02/2017 8:27 pm  
Escapees partners with ITG to boost healthcare options for RVers

LIVINGSTON, Tex. — Escapees RV Club recently partnered with Independent Truckers Group (ITG) to bring Escapees members more options for RVer-friendly healthcare coverage. This new program, Escapees Healthcare Solutions, launched July 31 and is available only to Escapees RV Club members.

Escapees Healthcare Solutions (EHS) includes options such as WellMEC, an Affordable Care Act-compliant plan that provides preventive care, vaccinations and wellness services. It also offers Healthcare Assist, a fixed indemnity plan that provides immediate, first-dollar coverage for most medical expenses. These are not major medical plans.

In addition to general medical coverage, EHS also offers dental coverage, with no age limits and no waiting period for preventive or basic care. The vision plan offered by EHC also includes no waiting period and is guaranteed issue for those 18 and older. MyHealthPass is also part of EHC, and serves as an affordable alternative to costly urgent care and ER visits for nonemergency medical care.

“Escapees strives to always improve the RVing experience,” said Shawn Loring, CEO of Escapees. “When the insurance companies began withdrawing PPO health insurance plans, preventing RVers from receiving health care while they travel, Escapees, again, took up the mantle of solution. Escapees Healthcare Solutions offers alternatives to the traditional health insurance plans, one of which is ACA-compliant, to keep RVers successfully on the road.”

This may not be the best solution for all RVers, but it is a good option to consider given the ever-changing healthcare market. To bring RVers more healthcare options, Escapees RV Club has partnered with RVer Insurance Exchange to offer a wide range of options.

These benefits and more are available to all current and incoming members of Escapees RV Club. For more information on Escapees Healthcare Solutions, visit https://escapees.com/support/healthcare .

Source: Escapees RV Club press release

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